Single-Use Reef                


Commissioned by Vienna Design Week.
Exhibtion: Vienna Design Week / Passionswege 2019

Taking inspiration from the underwater world Single-Use Reefs captures something that might be extinct soon – single-use plastic and coral reefs. Together with Galvanik Austria Teresa created three lasting objects that highlight a significant problem of our consumer culture and its effects on the ecosystem.

Marine littering is one of the major environmental issues of our time. In 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Single-use plastic production releases chemicals that damage corals and the plastics themselves cause physical harm to corals.

Corals are one of the most important ecosystems in the ocean but they have been declining for the last four decades due to plastic pollution. In March 2019 the EU parliament voted to ban single-use plastic like plastic cutlery, straws, balloons, cotton buds, cups, plastic bags from 2021 to rightly put an end to the "golden age of plastic".

A collaboration with Helga Tauer and Galvanik Austria.