Single-Use Reef

Beyond Taste is an 8-piece series of tableware based on the findings of a rather new scientific field called Gastrophysics. The idea behind it is simple: Eating is not just about the taste, but about the interplay of all senses.

Gastrophysics is an interdisciplinary science that applies principles from neuroscience, physics and chemistry to understand the connection between the worlds of gastronomy and cooking. One aim of Gastrophysics is to unravel the sensory response while eating. And what was discovered, is that there is much more interplay between our senses than previously thought. We cannot consider one sense without considering the other senses too. All our senses are interconnected. We do not only react to the food we taste but also to what we see, hear, smell and touch. The so-called multisensory experience forms the basis of the project.