Learning to breathe consciously and with awareness can help to restore balance in mind and body. Kinima is a breathing robot that helps to develop a more conscious breathing guided by its subtle motion and color change. It features two breathing modes: a deep breathing that calms down the mind making it easier to fall asleep and a more rapid, activating breathing that helps to increase energy levels in the morning making it easier and more pleasant to wake up. When not needed the robot crawls back to an inductive charging station next to bed.

Kinima is connected to an app, which functions as an alarm clock but also collects information on your sleeping rhythm.

Kinima is made from soft foam with a shell from skin friendly and also skin-like silicone-rubber. The breathing and crawling motions are created by material tension, using a mesh under the shell that is contracting and expanding. The color changes are provided by LEDs connected to the mesh under the skin.