Kettle & Moka

Working on ideas takes a lot of energy. Not only do we need electricity for our computers but also caffeine for our brains. What if we could brew coffee right in the middle of the table top during long meetings? The idea of bringing the kitchen to the office was the starting point for my design.

Inspired by BENE’s office furniture line Timba, I designed a Kettle and Moka for the modern office. The Timba Table features a recessed »Power Bowl« in the middle of the table top, where power and network connections are all at hand concealed with an oak turntable. By adding an inductive charging mat to the turntable, hidden under a thin layer of wood, the turntable can be transformed into a wireless connected base for the Kettle and Moka. The unobtrusive integration of technology to the table makes it possible to get hot coffee or tea any time during a meeting, creating a more open atmosphere for collaborative work.