Bathroom Accessories

work in progress

The bathroom should be a place that makes you feel good, no matter what physical condition or age you are. I wanted especially elderly people with mobility impairments to be able to enjoy the most intimate room in their homes and feel safe. As more than two-third of people over 75 suffer from osteoporosis, where even a simple fall can already cause broken bones, most elderly are afraid to slip and fall, especially in the bathroom, which is particularly risky due to moisture on the floor or walls.

Existing solutions mostly have a medical look, but as the bathroom is a space which is likely to be used by family members of different generations and different levels of autonomy I believe that every detail of the bathroom should enhance the well-being and comfort, rather then appearing like a hospital bathroom.

I am currently developing a series of bathroom accessories: a grab bar for the bath tub, that doubles as a towel bar and shelf; a toilet roll holder including a grab bar and a mirror.